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lonely stoner wants some friends

so until recently i haven't known what it is really like to be lonely, all my friends left for college out of state and at the beginning of the summer i dumped my boyfriend and ever since i have been so lonely i'm lucky to find someone to smoke a bowl with. even my bros are to busy with their own lives to roast one, with me that is, of course they have the time to do it with their frineds. But honestly, i'm to the point where i'll almost call up my ex, just becuase i know he'll smoke and i can have some human contact for twenty minutes...but i haven't, i don't really want to talk to him and since i'm a pussy and i don't have the balls to call the guy i have had a crush on since before my ex i just sit...alone...and smoke or go online or somehting like that...sad i know. I used to call up Blake and be like...hey wanna puff one and it made a good excuse to chill with him...he's fucking, smart, funny, layed back, motivated, everything, but now he can't smoke for a couple of weeks, becuase he just got a job for his dad's company and he failed the UA and had to meet with a counselor or something like that...i think...loss of memory... and has to pass one in a couple of weeks or somehting, so now i don't even have that for an me...
anyone around minnetonka, wayzata, hopkins anywhere...wanna puff one...let me know, i'm not doin much
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