t Dog ♀♀ (mota) wrote in peacefulstoners,
t Dog ♀♀


all i do is fucking get stoned. . all the time. people like to show up. take me to parties. and i just take my fucking camera everywhere and snap massive pictures all the time.

julia - my girlfriend - aka keepongroovin would dance. .

chilled with aunt heidi. ♥ love that woman

next morning. andy called me way too early. but came over & smoked me out anyway.

drinking coffee.. holding a bong

my hot girlfriend

purdy, right?


my chick calls this the ELJAY pose cause its a favorite among photo crazy eljayers

lesbian, potheads! seriously, does it get any better? naaaaaaaaah. it really doesnt.! atleast in my opinion.

before i left

on my ride home. there was a fucking car engulfed in flames. it was fucking awesome. not suprising.. i fucked up. and only snapped it in b&w. i wish i had some brains.. so u could actually see the colors. it was blue! and the flames were huuuge and bright fucking orange.

some more random party. herb pictures.

ok! i was gonna keep going but i figure THAT ENOUGH for now! i've got tons more pictures . millions, i bet. anyway. anyone ever want a new friend? just drop a line. & take it easy .
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