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Hi, everyone! My name's Chelsey, and I just joined, so I wanted to introduce myself. :D

(The thing said.. give a story while you were stoned, so here's something read-able instead of a useless intro post. XD)

This happened last year while I was living in Orlando. My friend Quasy and I had just gotten finished smoking with this one chick, and he had to go home. We left, went in my car.. I put the key in, started it, and had just started pulling out when the horn started going off. Not just 'beep beep', but it was.. well, stuck on. (I didn't even touch the horn. It was like one single long, LONG note)

I was very stoned and started freaking out. I pulled back in, horn still going off. We were at an apartment building and so by this time.. people were starting to wonder WTF is up, and started looking out their windows. Haha, oh man. I was yelling at Quasy (Not yelling, but I was like "DO SOMETHING!" because he's a guy and all.) I kept pushing the horn, and I didn't know WTF to do. There was this group of shady, scary looking guys standing near the entrance, and so I made Quasy go over and ask them for help. (I'm sitting there the ENTIRE time, looking at the entrance of the apartment complex, waiting for a cop car to roll in. I kept thinking "OMG, we're SO fucked." But one of the shady dudes unplugged the fuse, and the horn FINALLY turned off after like, 6-8 minutes of straight being on.

XD Haha, that's something I remember every time I smoke.
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